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Maple Smash

A Fairmont Ritual available at Prego

With Prego located within Fairmont Singapore, we invite you to savour the legacy of our iconic hotel with the signature cocktail, 'Maple Smash'. This exquisite blend marries our cherished past with contemporary sophistication.

As a tribute to Fairmont’s Canadian roots, sweet maple syrup is added to small-batch bourbon whiskey and a splash of lemon juice, giving the cocktail its captivating twist and soothing sunset hues. A robust shake releases the aromatic oils of fresh mint leaves, leaving tantalising flavours that linger on your palate. Luxardo cherries add depth with their liquor-infused flavour, enhancing the cocktail's intricate blend.

The cocktail is served with dehydrated edible maple leaves grown just steps away on our hotel’s Aquaponics Farm and presented on a reusable wooden board, underscoring our commitment to sustainability.

When the bell rings, it’s not just the announcement of your cocktail's arrival but an initiation to an unforgettable guest experience. Every sip of the 'Maple Smash' immerses you in the rich history of Fairmont Singapore, transforming it from a mere drink into a journey through time.